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The Partners


Western Power Distribution

wpd-logoWestern Power Distribution (WPD) is the distribution network operator for the Midlands, South West England and South Wales, and is responsible for delivering electricity to approximately 7.8 million customers in the UK.

WPD is not an electricity supply company and does not bill customers in the UK. Its responsibility is to distribute electricity from the point of generation to homes and businesses.

EA Technology

ea-technology-logoEA Technology is the recognised UK authority on the impact of electric vehicles (EVs) on the electricity network, and the pioneer of smart solutions to mitigate this impact. Through its Smart Interventions business it delivers innovative end-to-end solutions to facilitate the introduction of low carbon technologies to future proof electricity networks, resulting in lower cost connections, prompt adoption and reduced risk to business.


drive-electric-logoDriveElectric is a trading name of Fleetdrive Management Ltd. Established in 1995, the company based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire has been the UK’s leading provider of leased ultra-low emission vehicles since 2011. Providing both business and personal vehicle leasing solutions, for all makes and model of vehicle, DriveElectric delivers expertise, impartial advice and excels in engaging customers in support of a low carbon transport future.

Lucy Electric Gridkey

lucy-electric-logoLucy Electric is monitoring local LV substations with the GridKey system with the aim of assessing the load profile of various types of electric vehicles and developing an algorithm that can automatically detect the presence of EVs charging on the network.


trl-logoTRL (the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory) provides independent and impartial world-class research and consultancy for all aspects of transport. Commercially independent and with more than 80 years of knowledge and experience embedded in its history, TRL’s work encompasses a breadth of areas that shape and form today’s transport decisions.


Electric Nation Key Suppliers

Impact Research

impact-research-logoThe customer research aspects of this trial will be conducted by Impact Research. The company will be designing the customer research questionnaires and analysing the results. Most of the questionnaires can be completed online however occasionally some participants will be contacted by telephone.

CrowdCharge and Greenflux

crowde-charge-greenflux-logosThe project will be using two demand control providers, CrowdCharge and Greenflux. Project participants will be assigned to one of the two on a random basis. They will be responsible for sending commands to the demand control equipment.


TTP is a broad-based product and technology development company working in sectors as diverse as life science instrumentation, satellite communications, consumer electronics and energy & industrial systems. We have a long involvement in clean technology even going back to the development of a full electric vehicle drivetrain for what was then PowerGen in the 1990s. For Electric Nation, TTP is applying its core skills in data analytics for industrial systems to the power flow on the network and the way it’s affected by electric vehicles.




Electric Nation Smart Charger Suppliers


eVolt has rapidly emerged as one of the UK’s leading innovators in residential and commercial electrical vehicle (EV) charging solutions. Designed with ease of operation, performance and reliability in mind, its charge points are helping families, Councils, associations and businesses to realise and meet their environmental responsibilities.

More about the eVolt Smart Home Charge Point


Alfen logoAlfen Charging Equipment – previously under the ICU brand – has been producing smart EV chargers since 2008. A frontrunner in EV charging solutions, Alfen has supplied over 35,000 charge points worldwide, playing a leading role in the development and standardisation of the industry. Alfen leverages its base in the Netherlands, a leading adopter of EVs, to continuously evolve and innovate.

More about the Alfen Smart Home Charge Point

Collaboration Partners

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